How Long Do Home Security Cameras Keep Footage

Regardless of the location and size of your property, keeping it safe and secure should be a number one priority. And given the wide variety of home security products and services, customizing your home security system to suit your specific needs and wants is relatively easier than it used to be.

With that in mind, if you are in the market for high-quality home security cameras, learning the basics about cameras is vital. Of importance is to learn about the camera footage storage systems, including how it works and the options you have available in as far as how and where to store the captured footage. Let’s delve into how these storage systems work.

Footage Time For Security Camera

It Depends On The Cameras In Use

Typically, homeowners will invest in an additional service or device to store their security footage on a long-term basis. However, most cameras come with some memory which comes in handy when storing footage as it is being recorded. As such, when reviewing cameras, ensure that you know how much storage the particular cameras you are looking to purchase comes with. Importantly, find out the storage devices and storage services are compatible with the cameras. If you are looking for an actual security system for your own home then check

SD CardLocal Footage Storage

You can opt to store the footage locally in the camera. In doing this, you need to purchase an SD card where the footage will be stored. The SD cars will allow you to review the footage, store it indefinitely, or delete it. The total amount of footage you store is dependent on the storage capacity of your SD card. However, you can store certain footage for long terms basis until you delete the footage or until the SD card is damaged.

Cloud Storage

cloud storageOn the other hand, if you do not feel like dealing with the hassle of installing and removing SD cards, there is the Cloud storage option. While you have to pay a fee for the services, Cloud storage gives you access to your footage anywhere anytime. Moreover, incorporating Cloud storage is simple and straight forward.

The Cloud services are fairly inexpensive and depending on the package you buy, you can store some or all the footage streamed from your home cameras. Importantly, you can store the footage for days, months, and in some cases years. This option is the best storage solution for the tech-savvy homeowners looking interested in storing their home security footage on the Cloud rather using storage devices in their homes.

Do Security Cameras Record Sound

When it comes to camera technology, the answer definitely is YES!

Their built-in microphones are sensitive enough to be able to pick up on the sound in monitoring zones, and IP cameras can record both videos and audio. Some security cameras have an audio input, and they can allow you to also add on an external microphone to record sound, like Reolink RLC-423, or another quality outdoor security camera.

Security cameras that come with audio provide you with benefits that are unparalleled. For example, they allow you to listen to your visitors, pets, or baby from a distance without having to be there physically. However, it is an unavoidable fact that a CCTV camera that has sound recording ability if it isn’t used properly can infringe on the privacy of people. Check out this article on how long do home security cameras keep footage.

That leads to this question that we need to discuss: From a legal perspective, can sound be recorded by a security camera?

Do Security Cameras Record Sound

Can A Security Camera Legally Record Audio – It Depends

None of the information provided on this article or site should be taken as legal advise.
The laws on audio surveillance vary from one state to the next and generally are stricter than regulations on video monitoring.This also explains why audio is not included with every security camera. In order to help you learn whether or not it is illegal having security cameras that have sound in your area, the following are a couple of factors that you need to look for.

  • Where is voice recording installed on a CCTV camera?

    • If a security camera that has audio is put inside your house for the purposes of security, then your CCTV cameras can definitely record audio legally. In places where individuals expect privacy, like bathrooms, dressing rooms, and bedroom, neither video or audio recordings are prohibited. When it comes to audio recordings in public places, the legalities are a lot more complicated and you will need to consider other factors also.
  • Has the subject consented to audio recording?

    • In most states, according to their privacy laws, CCTV cameras are not able to record sound unless the consent is obtained of at least one of the parties that are involved in a conversation.
    • In places like Washington, Utah, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Nevada, Montana, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, Kansas, Illinois, Hawaii, Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, and California, all-party consent must be obtained in order for your security cameras to be able to legally record sound. Also, in most states, putting signs up specifying that an audio recording is occurring may be considered as consent. For example, usually small business owners will place a sign that indicates they are using security cameras in their retail stores.

The best way to know if a security camera is able to have audio is by searching related federal, state, and local laws or consult directly with your attorney before having a camera installed.

How You Can Tell If There Is Audio On A Security Camera

camera manualIf you see an IP camera when you are in a public place and would like to check if audio is being recorded with the CCTV camera, you can ask the owner of the camera since the microphones are usually not noticeable from afar.

However, there are numerous ways for you to be able to tell if the CCTV camera you bought has audio.

Search through the product page and the technical specification to find out if they list audio recording as one of the highlights of the security camera. Usually, there is a small phone (which is a microphone inside the camera housing to pick up sound for those security cams that have sound recording or audio.

How Long Do Super Markets keep CCTV Footage

How Long

Different organizations use CCTV footage for investigation, trend analysis, retrieval, and auditing, all of which influence how long organizations retain their CCTV footage.

CCTV Footage Retain Period

With regards to supermarkets, CCTV footage is typically used for investigation and trend analysis. Depending on the specific use of the footage, the organization store the footage for as long as the need organization and the company storing the data deem necessary.

For instance, when supermarkets use the footage for auditing and investigations, the footage is typically retained indefinitely depending on whether the company needs the footage. However, if the footage is strictly used for trend analysis, the footage is typically retained between 1 day and 1 month. If you’re wondering how long do home security cameras keep footage then click the link to read our recent article

Do Wireless Security Cameras Need Internet

A wireless security camera usually works fine on a local wireless network without an internet connection. Once you turn on the wireless router and enable the Wi-Fi signal, you can monitor the security camera from a mobile device or local computer.

Wireless Security Camera Limitations

But you can’t monitor the security camera from a remote mobile device or computer without an internet connection. This is a great feature to have in case you travel a lot. You can monitor the security camera from your mobile while traveling with an internet connection. But if you don’t travel much, an internet connection isn’t required to monitor the security camera. If you’re looking for a good example camera then check out the video below. Now that you have a camera in mind, you might want to read about how long your home security camera will keep footage.

Bottom Line: Security Camera Best Practices

wirelessYou should install a security camera to protect your home. Most homeowners have an internet connection these days. But even without an internet connection, you can still monitor the security cameras locally. Just having the cameras in plain view is enough to deter burglars most of the time. It will safeguard your home and belongings at all times. On the other hand, you can install the cameras yourself without hiring a professional for the job.

There are step-by-step instructions that come with most residential security camera installations. You can easily follow these instructions and do the installation yourself since there are no cables to run. These are important things to consider when choosing to install security cameras on your property. It will safeguard your home from burglars and thieves at all times.